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If you bumped into Kelly at a local dog park, hot vinyassa yoga class, or farmers market, you’d encounter a woman in LuLuLemon yoga clothes or jean cut offs. She’d probably be sporting a ponytail and her favorite pair of flip-flops, making some kind of sassy comment. If you bumped into her at a business event, on the other hand, you’d encounter a woman in a chic dress with long hair in flowing curls, armed with a Chanel bag and Louboutins … making some kind of sassy comment. In each circumstance, you’d experience a little bit of her comical sassiness that makes her unique, as well as her aura that makes people stop in their tracks and pay attention. When you meet Kelly, you might be surprised (and amused) by her down-to-earth, everyone-puts-their-yoga-pants-on-one-leg-at-a-time manner. But what you may not immediately get because she is so approachable is that she is one accolade short of putting on a cape and being called Super Woman. Kelly is one of the most sought-after international brand marketing and platform development strategists for conscious entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and media personalities. She is also the industry’s leading expert on marketing to affluent clients. Despite her many accomplishments though, her fans from around the world will attest that Kelly is as authentic as they come. Whether she’s on stage, working with her clients privately, or hanging out with her besties on the weekend, what you see is what you get … like it or not. Now, we aren’t saying she’s Super Woman (even though we pretty much already did), but we will say no one has ever seen her and Super Woman in the same room together. Check out her brilliance.

Kelly O’Neil, brand marketing strategist who specializes in marketing to the affluent

{Repeat after me…Driven by results. Powered by passion. Fueled by innovation.}

{Until you are ready to be unabashedly vulnerable and real and risk looking totally foolish, you will never have the opportunity to be extraordinary.}

{You are cordially invited to become a rockstar. Seriously.}

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If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, you need to take the right steps. But it’s hard to know what those steps are, especially when you’re so wrapped up in your own business. Not to worry though… Now there’s risk-free way to have the right steps revealed with a personal 25-minute Complimentary Business Analysis & Strategy Session. During this free analysis with one of our lead business strategists, you will:

  • Quickly discover exactly what is standing between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Receive a step-by-step strategy that focuses on your 3 highest payoff activities.
  • Learn how our team can help you impact the world with your business in a profound way.
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Is your business in start-up business phase making $75K or less and you need to get more clients fast who can easily afford your services, but you aren’t sure how? Start here.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and position yourself as a leader so that you can attract big client paydays, media, publishing and speaking opportunities? Start here.

Are you ready to build a profitable 6+ figure business and a celebrity marketing platform that has your industry buzzing about your expertise and your ideal clients proactively contacting you? Start here.

Kelly ONeil

{Get the luxe life.}

We believe everyone deserves to have an extraordinary life. And for our ideal clients, the fastest path to that lifestyle is to build a thriving business that fuels their passion and their bank account.

Kelly and her brilliant team support entrepreneurs just like you – who want to break the rules and do something extraordinary with their gifts – to create visionary brands and profitable platforms so you can get your message heard and consistently attract your ideal affluent clients.  Ready to stand out from the crowd?


{If you are committed you will find a way, if not you will find a reason. And the bitch is that you can have reasons or results…but you can’t have both. Choose wisely as those choices determine the life you are about to experience.}


{Shop til you drop.}

Let’s face it, your best investment is yourself.

I’d like to open a store called Forever 39 where I sell yoga pants and wine.
But until then…I’m helping entrepreneurs build a rockin’ business.

Kelly ONeil

Virtual Courses

Uplevel your business in the comfort of your own home – whenever you feel like it. Check out Kelly’s online courses where you can gain instant access to her business, marketing and sales strategies in convenient and affordable online trainings. All courses are delivered directly to your inbox immediately after purchase.


Online Tutorials

For the past decade, Kelly has been delivering online webinar and teleseminar trainings to her most promising clientele. Now you can access 10 years of her experience and digest it in as little as 10 days, or even 10 hours! Click below to get access to her most popular trainings that will help you enhance your brand and make more money.


Mindset Infusion

These meditation audio programs, mindset games and mindset tools will help you think like a millionaire so you can appeal to a millionaire. These are all you need to become a millionaire magnet!


Chic Swag

Kelly loves luxe swag! If you do too, go ahead and pick up something that reminds you of your awesomeness.


Success Toolbox

Need some resources? How about some inspiration?! Check out Kelly’s clients’ favorite resources and tools.These will make your journey to the top easier and more enjoyable.


Kelly Recommends

Like we said, Kelly has her brilliance and other’s have theirs. Here are some of the top resources and tools that Kelly invests in and recommends to her private clients. (PS…She only recommends amazing stuff.)



{This is how we remind you that you are awesome.}

So, get the hookup now!











TV &

Watch. Read.

Kelly ONeil

{Advocate for possibility.}

Kelly has a big vision for the world and a powerful message to share. That is what building a powerful brand-marketing platform is all about.

Experience Kelly as she pulls out her soapbox and delivers sermons on embracing your awesomeness, innovation, profitable lifestyle businesses, finding your voice, leaving this world a better place and experiencing the luxe life on your journey.

{Our platform is kick ass, and we aren’t just saying that.}

{The door of opportunity is knocking. But you are going to have to walk your happy ass through it all by your big business owner self.}


{Holy monkeys! Did she just really say that out loud? Why yes…yes she did. And she didn’t even blink.}

Get no BS marketing, branding, sales and business success tips on how to bend the rules and change the world.

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{In The News}

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Ready to quit wasting your time, brilliance and money marketing to people who can’t afford your services?

Download our free special report

101 Ways to Find Affluent Clients Now


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