Would you like to earn $10,000 – $100,000 a month as a consultant to clients who need and value your expertise?

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Profit-ology Consultant? Not only will you be able to provide support to small businesses around the world and accelerate their path to profit and freedom, but in the process you can develop a healthy 6 or 7 Figure consulting business with as little as ONE client. (Yes, really.)

Want to Know How?

  • Kelly O’Neil has developed a proven system to attract, retain and get phenomenal results for high-end clients as a consultant. She executes a specific methodology to transform their underperforming, chaotic business into a thriving venture that allows business owners to work less and make more profit.
  • Not only has Kelly done this successfully in her own business, for the last 15 years, she has consulted with clients in multiple industries to consistently create results of increased profitability, streamlined operations and leveraged service offerings that allow the business owner to truly earn more while decreasing their workload.
  • In fact, she has been so successful, that she is now seeking to certify qualified professionals in her methodology to provide this invaluable service to other businesses, as she is not able to keep up with the demand.


To qualify as a Certified Profit-ology Professional, you must support the Profit-ology principles and practice them in your own business. Additionally, you must complete our intensive Profit-ology Certification Program and complete a 90-day supervised client engagement. Finally, you must maintain at least a four star rating (out of five) from client ratings throughout your tenure as a Certified Profit-ology Professional.

If you want to learn more about our certification program, please apply below to speak to one of our team members.

Certified Profit-ology Consultant Application