Brand Marketing & Strategic Positioning

In Today’s Competitive Market, You are Either Standing Out So Your Ideal Clients Flock to You… Or You Are Invisible.

Effective branding and strategic market positioning is the lynchpin in your ability to scale your business and shorten your sales cycle. Without a differentiation strategy and clear messaging, you will be lost in a sea of competition while your ideal clients work with your competitor who may not even be as remotely talented as you are.

That is why in 2012, I launched the Innovate Brand Agency. We specialize in working with influencers, thought leaders and celebrities to help you strategically design a brand that increases your profit and gets your message heard.

Whether you are looking for strategic branding consulting or a full service agency that specializes in profitability based brand strategy and full service design, we’ve got you covered.

Learn About Our 5 Step Innovate Brand Process

  • Clarity

    Our process begins here because you MUST have a crystal clear understanding of who you are, whom you serve, what you offer and what makes you better BEFORE you can build an effective brand.

  • Profitability

    Our primary goal is to help you make more money…to sustain the lifestyle that you want to live and to give you the ability to serve more clients and make a bigger impact.

  • Design

    Using market research, human psychology, best practices and visual intuition, we create a targeted and effective visual brand that uniquely represents you and motivates your audience to buy.

  • Launch

    We give you strategic recommendations on how to most uniquely and effectively launch your new brand into the world – from building a buzz to reinforcing your brand promise.

  • Awareness

    Marketing is ever changing and more challenging. We provide you with strategic advice and the support you need to continue creating awareness of your new brand.

Kelly is a branding genius! I never realized until I worked with Kelly and the team at Innovate the level of strategy that was involved in developing my brand and designing my platform. As a result, I now have several licensing deals and a few new TV shows. – Kelli Ellis, Celebrity Interior Designer for HGTV, Bravo and The Design Channel

Would you like to learn more?

If you are interested in talking to Kelly about strategic brand consulting or full service branding, please request a complimentary consultation. Kelly will speak to you about your business and your goals and assess if she feels her services are a good match to create the results you desire.

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