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profit strategy and consulting servicesIf you are an established small business owner or thought leader and you want to significantly fast track your business results, you are in the right place.

At Innovate Media Services, we believe that everyone should experience a thriving business doing what you love. And if you are like most of our clients, your passion and expertise is in doing whatever it is you got into business to do – whether that be doctoring, lawyering, designing, consulting or providing any type of professional or personal service.

profit strategy and consulting servicesOur Genius Is Helping You Get The Business Results You Desire Quickly

Here is the good news. Our passion and expertise is in developing strategies and actionable plans that transform disorganized, under-performing, but high-growth potential small business and medical practices into operationally efficient, high profit businesses that your staff enjoys working for and your clients and patients rave about.

And (this is the GREAT news), we do this in a way that is designed to decrease your personal workload so that as your company is growing, you are actually working less and making and keeping more money.

profit strategy and consulting for entrepreneurs
Within minutes of our meeting, Kelly gave me a laser focused strategy that brought in $100,000 in the first 30 days with no additional investment in marketing and it decreased my workload. Using this strategy, I’m now on track to have my most profitable year ever. I’ve now hired her for ongoing consulting and branding work. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my business. — Chris Smith, The Viral Influence Guy

We help small businesses, emerging companies and thought leaders get more profitable though consulting, training and full service brand marketing design solutions in the areas of:

  • Go-to-Market and Growth Strategic Planning
  • Profitability Maximization Strategies
  • Brand Marketing, Positioning and Platform Development
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Operational Infrastructure Development
  • Strategic “Shortcuts” To Maximize Productivity
  • Strategic Marketing Campaign Development
  • Marketing to Attract Affluent Clientele and Patients

If your goal is to be the leader of your business, while your company systematically grows, it’s time to work with us to learn the mastery of working smart, not hard.

How We Work

Although 80% of our annual work is generated for existing clients, it consists of predominantly new project work. We offer consulting in a few ways.
  • Daily Strategy Consulting: We offer half-day and full-day consulting engagements and team trainings.
  • Retainer Based Consulting: Our engagements are usually completed within six months. We start by providing a business assessment, develop a strategic plan to achieve specific results and then work with your team against specific objectives with clearly established outcomes and timing, contributing to client business goals.

profit strategy and consulting servicesHow to Get Started

If you are interested in talking to Kelly about Consulting, please request a complimentary consultation. Kelly will speak to you about your business and your goals and assess if she feels her services are a good match to create the results you desire.

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