Improve Your Life By Getting to Know Your Neighbors

You’ve managed to find the home that you’ve always envisioned. You’ve worked with a great designer to put in place everything you had in mind in terms of the perfect rooms and spaces. Now what’s left?

It’s time to get to know your neighbors.

No matter how beautiful your home may be, if you’re not on friendly terms with your neighbors you won’t have as fulfilling an experience.


So how do you break the ice and work toward being part of a community, versus just living in close proximity to people?

  • Start early to build relationships. If you’re thinking about buying or building a home in a certain neighborhood, make the rounds and get to know at least the immediate neighbors. This will not only help you make a buying decision, but if you do move in your new neighbors will already feel more comfortable and familiar with you.
  • If you’re planning any type of construction or big projects your neighbors could find disruptive, let them know well in advance and keep them posted throughout the process. Inconveniencing your new neighbors without any notice can be one of the fastest ways to gain enemies.
  • Make yourself visible once you become the new kid on the block. Even if that means just taking a nightly walk around the neighborhood, it’s a good way to let neighbors know you’re there and also that you’re approachable.
  • Consider getting together with your neighbors to host a fun event like a block party. This is a great way to not only get to know everyone, but really form deeper relationships with the people who are likely to play a pretty big role in your day-to-day life.

If you’ve found the house of your dreams but you’ve become enemies with all of your neighbors you’re not likely to get the most out of life. Part of a great home is also having a great neighborhood, so get out and get socializing.