5 Reasons Your Ideal Client Prospects Are NOT Buying from You

Nearly every marketer has faced this problem: you’ve prepared and implemented your marketing campaign well, spoken to people personally even. And just when you think you’ve done an excellent job of giving your prospective customers what they want, they stun you by turning down your offer; and you’re left wondering what the hell went wrong!

Here are the 5 biggest reasons this happens. Take a look :

  1. They are not the ideal prospect, or ideal client. The reasons could be many – your product may not be affordable for them; their lifestyle may not be aligned to your offering, or you could frankly just be dodging a bullet because there may not be a good personality fit. This is why it is essential you need to identify your IDEAL target audience or buyer persona at the very beginning and use your marketing funnel to weed out the lookey loos.
  1. The prospect may not really know you – who you are, what you do, and what your service is. This is mainly because you’re going wrong with your marketing somewhere and as a result, you’re not able to attract the right customer and effectively communicate the value that you offer. It is crucial that you implement your marketing campaign in such a way so that people know exactly what it is that you do; use whatever methods possible to educate them as to how you can improve their personal lives or business and why they should compensate you for this value without hesitation.
  1. Lack of trust. This may be because you’re new in the field, don’t have a clearly defined brand or market position or simply because they are naturally suspicious people. This is often the case with people who had a bad experience previously – you know, that whole once bitten, twice shy scenario! If you haven’t’ properly built a relationship with them, it may not give them the confidence they need to invest with you. Getting happy customers to post positive reviews, letting prospects interact with your existing customers, having a clearly defined brand and giving them valuable information – could be in the form of how-to videos, blogs with tips, answering their queries speedily – are all ways you can build trust.
  1. You didn’t address their specific needs. Your product or service has to come across to the prospect as something that will solve a pain point of theirs – something that will make their lives or business better. Rather than market your product or service solely on the basis of what it does, also talk about how this will solve a requirement of the customer. This may happen if you have not taken the trouble to find out what the specific and urgent needs of your target audience are. It is very important to know at the outset, what it is that your prospects need that you will be able to offer them; only if you can offer a resolution for their pain, will people buy from you.
  1. The prospects may not be able to appreciate the value offered by your product or service – even though they liked interacting with you. This is because you were not able to accurately communicate to them the clear value you are providing them and you didn’t explain clearly enough what your service is and what it will specifically do for them. This doesn’t mean that this is a lost cause. You can continue your interaction with them, and find out what matters to them. You can then connect the value offered by your product to their needs and get back on the phone with them.
  1. Bonus tip: Perhaps you didn’t actually sell to them. What? Yes, sounds strange, but sadly true in so many cases. Maybe you didn’t really have a sales conversation. You need to very clearly and unambiguously ask them to invest now. If you don’t, they may not really know that you wanted to sell to them. So don’t be shy, ask.

Selling is an art, which is absolutely essential if you want to grow your business. Do you want to know how?

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