Meet The Team


Kelly K. O’Neil, Women’s Leadership Academy Founder

Kelly ONeil

Kelly is committed to teaching aspiring female leaders how to align their energy, embrace the transformational leader inside of them, develop a powerful brand platform and build a prosperous conscious business that serves the world and themselves. Kelly has made it her mission to become the leading global coaching and training company for women leaders by providing programs that unite 1 million women to find their true voice, share it unabashedly and positively impact both their bottom line and their world.

Debbie Thoensen, Women’s Leadership Academy Concierge

Debra Thoensen

Debbie Thoensen is a skilled customer service representative who has experience in all phases of office operations, management, and even human resources!  She has been with Kelly’s companies for the last almost two years.  She has over 15 years an Executive Administrator. Debbie is available for all of your program needs.