Episode Number: 6
Real Life David and Goliath Takes On The Pain Management Industry with Rob Vanbergen
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Are you ready to go beyond providing service and become a market leader or movement maker?

There will be challenges to creating this epic level of success as a CEO, but it is possible with the right strategy. In today’s episode of The Epic Podcast, I sat down with one of my longtime clients, Rob Vanbergen, to talk about how he did it and the personal challenges he overcame on his way to success.

If anyone could be the poster child for the effectiveness of natural pain resolution and microcurrent therapy, it would be Dr. Rob. As a child, he suffered from both debilitating anxiety and extensive scoliosis issues. Neither holistic nor conventional medical remedies brought lasting relief. But when he applied the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™, his issues were resolved. He now enjoys vibrant and lasting physical and mental health.

Dr. Rob has also found the Protocol to be invaluable in parenting his
autistic son, James. He has found that James readily accepts the gentle procedures introduced by these therapies, which help bring on a relaxed calm that eases the stresses of everyday life.

He also used it when an incident in James’ life resulted in a broken foot. After just two weeks of microcurrent therapy, his foot had healed completely. Doctors agreed that it was a near-miraculous recovery.

As a Doctor of Natural Medicine and a veteran instructor on the use of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution,™ Dr. Rob has devoted his professional life to educating people about the effectiveness of natural pain management methods in relieving pain and anxiety and initiating healing in the body.

His goal is to continually strive to create a world where 1.5 billion people no longer have to suffer from chronic pain and illness limitations once and for all.

In our very thorough conversation, you’ll learn:

  • What Pain Free For Life is and how it began
  • How Rob cornered the market in his business
  • Why branding made such a big impact on Rob’s success
  • The top considerations for CEOs that want to become market leaders
  • Why growing a team helped Rob stay in his lane and grow the business
  • Why investing in experts pays off


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