… building your brand awareness as an industry expert or taking a fully unplugged vacation … while your business and your bank account grows.

This may sound too good to be true from where you are currently standing, but I assure you this is possible when your business is designed correctly. (That is the key word.)

Traditional business models and strategies create more than full time, less than desired paying “jobs” for their owners. No matter what size your business is, owning a business is not about working your ass off to cover your bills, hopefully pay yourself something while you wait to hit it big, while you get home in time to crash on the couch with cold leftovers and Netflix because you are too exhausted to do anything else. That’s a soul-sucking job, not a business.

Owning a business should be about creating an extraordinary experience for you and the people you serve. So if you are tired of feeling overworked, underpaid, confused, frustrated and overwhelmed in your business, you are in the perfect place.

At Innovate Media Services we partner with our clients using an innovative process called “Profit-ology” to strategically design businesses so that you can earn and KEEP more, create infrastructure and automation that allows you more freedom and make a difference in the world.

We help small businesses, emerging companies and thought leaders get more profitable though consulting, training and full service brand marketing design solutions in the areas of:

  • Business Go to Market and Growth Strategic Planning
  • Marketing to Attract Affluent Clientele and Patients
  • Profitability Maximization Strategies
  • Strategic Marketing Campaign Development
  • Brand Marketing, Positioning and Platform Development
  • Strategic “Shortcuts” To Maximize Productivity
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Operational Infrastructure Development

If your goal is to be the visionary leader of your business, while your company systematically grows organically, it’s time to work with us to learn the mastery of working smart, not hard.

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