You May Know Kelly,
But Did You Know This?

You may know about Kelly’s many business accomplishments, however, one of the reasons her clients work (and keep working with her for years) is because who she is as a person. Check out these 25 fun facts about Kelly to get to know her better.
  • 1. The Best Friend

    Kelly is described by her closest friends as “loyal, generous and hilarious.” She’s had the same group of best friends for over 25 shenanigan filled years.

  • 2. The Wakeboard Enthusiast

    Kelly loves to wakeboard and owned a Mastercraft wakeboard boat for years. She will confirm the saying is true “The happiest day in your life is when you buy your boat and the next happiest day is when you sell it.”

  • 3. The Competitive Athlete

    Kelly was a competitive varsity athlete in high school and college until she dislocated and broke her shoulder during a 200 Individual Medley swimming butterfly during a meet. That ended that her amateur sporting career.

  • 4. The Wine Loving Hippie

    Kelly became avid about health and wellness and naturopathic healthcare after being diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease. She still believes that wine is technically fruit, so it is okay.

  • 5. The Fur Mommy

    Kelly had two Tibetan Terriers (Jackson and Samantha) that passed from cancer, which were two of the most devastating experiences of her life. Today she has two Maltese (Riley and Emmerson) and a Corgi Chihuahua (lovingly referred to as her Corgi-huahua) named Reggie who is trying to move in with the neighbor and be an only dog.

  • 6. The Aspiring Singer Songwriter

    She has over a dozen songs she has written (in her head) and performs loudly and proudly to her puppies that make them squeal with delight. (Don’t hold your breath for the album debut.)

  • 7. The Sporting Clay Enthusiast

    One of her nicknames is Annie Oakley. She loves to shoot sporting clays almost as much as she likes to watch the mouths of the gentlemen she shoots with fly open in disbelief.

  • 8. The Prankster

    Kelly is a prankster and there are very few limits to the art of her prankstership. Just ask her friends or team, they will tell you their stories.

  • 9. The Book Addict

    Kelly has a book addiction. She has over 500 books in her home. She is hoping to develop a reading addiction soon so she can keep up.

  • 10. The Sane Ex Wife

    She was married once to a man for 6 years where she got to help raise her husbands 3 gorgeous children. (They “consciously uncoupled” and he is still one of her best friends in the world.)

  • 11. The Poet

    She minored in creative writing and poetry in college and has an uncanny knack for writing technical poetry (like Villanelle’s and Italian Sonnets) in iambic pentameter. It’s a gift really.

  • 12. The Yogi

    She is obsessed with hot vinyassa yoga and practices 3-5 times a week (or at least that is the intention).

  • 13. The Speedster

    She is a connoisseur of German luxury cars, her favorite of all time being her 6 Series convertible BMW. She is grateful for her uncanny ability to negotiate her way out of tickets.

  • 14. The Home Town Girl

    Often referred to as “The Mayor”, Kelly lived in her hometown of Los Gatos, California for her entire life until 2011 when she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Her friends still believed one day she will be moving back until…

  • 15. The “I Am Staying In Vegas” Girl

    She purchased and remodeled her luxury Henderson home for reality show Las Vegas Home Makeover that debuted in November 2016. They’ve acknowledged she may not be moving any time soon.

  • 16. The Beach Lover

    Kelly loves all water sports as well as being at the beach (just so long as she can stay off the sand). I know, weird, right?

  • 17. The Cabo Junkie

    Kelly has a place in Cabo San Lucus, which she is seriously contemplating moving to because she loves it so much. If you knock and she isn’t home…check Cabo.

  • 18. The Homebody

    Despite her outgoing personality, her favorite thing to do is stay home and BBQ with friends or snuggle on the couch and watch a movie with her honey and their puppies.

  • 19. The Broadway Nut

    Kelly is a Broadway musical NUT. Her 3 favorites are Chicago, Rent and Cabaret.

  • 20. The Sailor Mouth

    She swears like a sailor. (You have been warned.) Often she is asked what part of New York she is from.

  • 21. Acrophobic

    Fearless in general, she is terrified of heights (thanks to the Capistrano Suspension Bridge incident when she was 7) and can’t for the life of her understand why anyone would fling themselves out of a perfectly good airplane or tie a cord to their legs and jump…for fun.

  • 22. The Recovering Catholic

    She almost died from a routine tonsillectomy in her early 20s and then freaked out when the priest came to see her in her drug induced stage thinking she was dying. It took 4 nurses to calm her down. She is now a recovering Catholic.

  • 23. The Auntie

    While Kelly doesn’t have any children of her own, she is very active in the life of her several nieces and nephews. She is not above dressing up like a unicorn for Halloween, laying on the floor coloring or building elaborate blanket forts. In fact, she may be the instigator of these activities.

  • 24. The Philanthropist

    She sponsored the 5-year development of a village in Africa through the Unstoppable Foundation’s “Every Child Has a Right To Learn” campaign.

  • 25. The Tennis Champ

    Kelly trains in tennis as if she is trying to become the next Anna Kournikova or make it to Wimbledon. This is likely the one goal she may not achieve in this lifetime. (Although she did just win the silver medal at her Clubs Olympic Challenge.)