Elevator Pitch Perfection! How to Get Your Ideal Clients To Engage

As human beings, we are naturally and instinctively judgmental – we can’t help it, it’s in our genes! This is why you need to be prepared and be able to respond clearly and precisely, whenever someone asks you the ubiquitous question, “What is that you do?”, because people are going to make an immediate decision on whether or not to engage in a further conversation with  you on the way you answer.

Have you often felt that the way you talk about what you do, doesn’t really explain what you do or differentiate you from everyone else offering the same service?  Or maybe you are not able to tell them:

  • What you ACTUALLY do in a way that communicates the results you provide
  • How you are unique and different from the 30 other people they have talked to that do the exact same thing and….
  • In a way that entices them to want to hire you on the spot (or at least not bolt from the conversation)

If you fumble or ramble, they are definitely going to lose interest – and you may lose the chance to turn them into your clients. As you start rambling, you are going to get the ‘dumb look’.  (Similar to what Scooby Doo does when he tilts his head to the side.)

And they politely give you some lip service like, “Great! Good for you.” Or ask you some follow up question just to make small talk…like “Good, how do you like it?”

No one wants to get the dumb look. That is why it is so important to be clear in your message and to be able to say it in a really confident way that makes them instantly intrigued as to how you can help them.  If you aren’t confident in the way you communicate your unique value to the world, your ideal clients will be confused and not be comfortable investing with you.

And you both lose.

However, once you get really clear on your unique value and ways to communicate it succinctly, you will notice a whole different reaction and set of results.

Check out these results:

  • My branding client Maria got her message clear and immediately landed a JV client that sent her an abundance of her ideal clients before we even launched her website
  • Another client, Anthony, transformed his run-of-the-mill legal practice into a movement to protect children that has him enrolling high-end clients one after another and sounding more confident than ever.
  • And Julia finally broke six figures after being in business for 15 years!

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression, so you got to nail your message and be able to deliver it with confidence.

Here are the 5 things you need to convey on the spot:

  1. Who You Are
  2. Who The People Are That You Help
  3. What The Pain of Those People Are
  4. Your Solution
  5. The Benefit offered by Your Specific Solution That is DIFFERENT from Everyone Else

Here is an specific example of how to put it all together (I have more than one pitch depending on who I am talking to and about what service I am offering):

Hi, my name is Kelly O’Neil and I am a Brand Marketing and Profit Strategist that works with service professionals who want to make their competition irrelevant. What I do is help them clarify their message and develop a brand marketing strategy that is extremely attractive to their affluent clients so that they say yes on the spot.

Of course this is easier said than done, but I have been doing this for 20 years, so I’ve had a little practice.

Need some help with your message and brand strategy? That’s what we do best!

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