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3 Steps To A Killer Fourth Quarter

  The year is quickly coming to a close, and with the holiday season nearing, it can become very easy to let yourself “ride out” the remainder of the year without moving forward or making a plan for your business. So, in order to help you avoid the end-of-year stagnation, I have put together Three… Read more »

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned In Business

  We are in the final quarter of the year, which for me usually means a lot of reflection on the year passed and planning for the year ahead. I’ve been really thinking about the one big lesson I could take away from my business to make room for growth, and I think I have… Read more »

Kelly O'Neil Brand Story

Kelly O’Neil’s Brand Story

Listen as Kelly O’Neil shares how she got started in business and what led her to teach and consult with clients using the strategies in the Profit-Ology Process.

5 Tips to Hire Rockstar Team

5 Tips to Hire a Rockstar Team

Every business needs competent team members for you to be able to scale to the next level AND have the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Hiring, managing and keeping the right team members however, is not an easy task. I struggled for years with this and it was stressful and costly. Often… Read more »

5 Reasons Your Ideal Client Prospects Are NOT Buying from You

5 Reasons Your Ideal Client Prospects Are NOT Buying from You

Nearly every marketer has faced this problem: you’ve prepared and implemented your marketing campaign well, spoken to people personally even. And just when you think you’ve done an excellent job of giving your prospective customers what they want, they stun you by turning down your offer; and you’re left wondering what the hell went wrong!… Read more »

Why Focusing on Revenue Nearly Bankrupted My Business

Why Focusing on Revenue Nearly Bankrupted My Business

Ever heard of mass delusion? In history, you’ll find some pretty weird examples. Take the “vanishing penis” scare that swept Nigeria in 1990. A rash of  incidents occurred where men would suddenly accuse someone of stealing their genitals with black magic. Dozens of innocent people were killed by angry mobs as a result of this… Read more »