Remodel Verses Replacing

The decision to remodel a pool or replace it with a new pool is one that you may be pondering. Consulting with a licensed professional who has experience in both renovations as well as new installations will provide the most thorough summary of options as well as expediting the process.

When contemplating a major remodeling of a pool or spa, serious consideration should be given to starting all over. If the existing pool holds major components that you are happy with such as a spa, or waterfall and you just desire a change to the overall look of the pool’s shape, size, and depth then a remodel may be more desirable, from a financial point of view.

However, at some point, it will become more economical to rip out the existing structure and start from scratch. The cost to remove an existing pool generally falls between five to ten thousand dollars depending on the access to the yard and the size of the pool. Before you discount this alternative consider the following. Starting with a fresh canvas you can design the pool project to be completely customized for your personal needs, form and function.

You get to choose all the colors, textures, style, water features, lighting and fire elements that are more suited to your tastes. You select the location, size and anything else that may meet the requirements of your family. In the process you have a brand new pool with new warranties. Considering the overall cost of the project, the investment to rip-out the pool may be a small price to pay.

Here are five key elements to weigh when pondering which route to select.

  • Recognize that every situation is different.
  • Establish what you want to change.
  • Analyze the scope of work.
  • Determine the cost effectiveness to keep certain elements of the pool verses
    the cost of starting from scratch.
  • Evaluate soundness of existing elements such as the pool shell, equipment,
    and other amenities.

In either situation, permits and inspections may be required and homeowners will need to ensure the pool and spa meet current safety standards. The majority of older pools are not compliant with safety codes. Anti-entrapment drains and secondary barriers are the two most common safety upgrades that should be performed on older pools.

By Joe Vassallo, CBP, APSP Fellow | President, Paragon Pools, Las Vegas, NV | 702-400-0679 | Award-winning Designer and Author of The Al Fresco Life: Pools, Spas, Bars & Kitchens.