Case Study: How I Added $100K To My Bottom Line in 30 Days Without Spending A Dime on Marketing AND Decreased My Workload with ONE Strategy Kelly Shared


Chris Smith is a brilliant branding expert who had already created a high 6-figure income for himself when he met Kelly O’Neil. His existing brand, The Campfire Effect, had reached a point of rapid acceleration and expanding influence. However, he was not satisfied with the lifestyle it afforded him.

Chris’s highest priority in life is to be a great dad to his 5 young children, but his business model required him to spend many days each month on the road speaking.

Chris loved his work, but it was tearing him apart to miss out on so many family memories.

Other experts were offering Chris very analytics-oriented advice which, while sound in theory, was not in alignment with his personality and leadership style. Kelly recognized right away that Chris is a phenomenal influencer, strategist, and innovator with highly developed people skills. However, he is not a details person and many of the conventional strategies he was being encouraged to follow were unlikely to work well for him. Kelly also pointed out that Chris had painted himself into a corner and created a strategic landlock for himself in his branding. This was keeping him tied to his business as well as causing him to leave money on the table.

After hearing her assessment of his situation, Chris hired Kelly on the spot to help him develop a strategy to leverage his strengths and accelerate his path to profit and freedom.

Kelly’s Solution

Kelly knew that Chris is a top-notch speaker, and for him speaking is the fastest path to cash. In a 25-minute strategy call, she showed him how to structure and market her Boardroom model to leverage his speaking ability to enable him to serve more clients in less time, at a win-win price point for both Chris and his clients.

She also spoke with him about how to break free from the dollars-for- hours time trap he had found himself in. They discussed creating a Chris Smith brand that will allow him to focus on his higher message and purpose, and expand other offerings underneath his consulting work. Kelly also helped Chris install infrastructure – including hiring his first full time assistant – that allowed him to reduce his workload and play in his genius zone more of the time.

The Results

Within one week of meeting with Kelly, Chris had already hosted his first Boardroom event, which earned him a cool $50K. Inside of 30 days, his earnings as a result of his session with Kelly doubled to $100K, with overhead expenses of less than $1,000.

Chris brought in that additional $100K in revenue in a fraction of the time that it takes him to privately service clients. Chris is now planning to do two Boardrooms per month which will bring in an additional 1.2 M in revenue over the next 12 months with no additional marketing or increase in overhead. In addition, Kelly is working with him to restructure the Chris Smith brand to allow him to scale his message to help more people, increase his impact as an influencer, and offer other services he’s always dreamed of providing.

Best of all, Chris has reduced his travel time, cut back his workload, and freed up tons of time to spend with his children, even as he has increased his revenue and profitability doing what he loves to do.

“Holy shit,” he says. “This works. And it was so ridiculously easy.”

The Recommendation

“I talk a lot about freedom in my work, because it’s a huge priority for me. I want the freedom to be my best authentic self, to bring the best of me to the table whether I’m working with a client or hanging out with my kids. Kelly’s insight and strategic guidance has opened up doors in my business and life I didn’t even know were there. I highly recommend her services to any business owner who wants to stretch the limits of what’s possible for them to achieve.”

– Chris Smith, Founder, The Campfire Effect

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