The Profit-ology Process
If you are like the business owners, service providers and influencers I work with, you started your entrepreneurial venture with one goal in mind … FREEDOM.

profit-graphWhile entrepreneur’s definitions of freedom differ, there are a few commonalities: The ability to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want every damn day using your unique gifts, talents and expertise to make a difference in the world and create an extraordinary life for you and your loved ones. Sound about right?

profitology-graphHowever, as with my story, it rarely goes that way. Our once big vision and even bigger dreams for how we thought it would go, just didn’t go as planned. Your entrepreneurial venture with hopes and dreams of big money and freedom got lost somewhere as your company grew or sales slowed down leaving you with a 24-7 soul sucking, full time, high stress J.O.B. And in many cases, with all of the money and time you invest, your six, seven or even multi-seven figure business is barely paying you more than a barista at Starbucks. (And I bet their benefits are better too.)

Here are a few of the major complaints I hear from clients before they embark on the journey of becoming a Profit-Preneur. See if one or more of these resonate with you:

  • I am not paying myself what I want or I am living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Cash flow is a consistent challenge and I feel like I am on a treadmill trying to keep up with my responsibilities and pay my team.
  • I have zero free time and my business is taking over my personal life.
  • I am burned out and losing motivation to continue.
  • I just want to do what I do best (whether that is product development, client/patient appointments, speaking). I’m tired of running the show.
  • I am not attracting the right clients or enough clients to grow the business.
  • I am not taking care of myself (eating healthy, working out, sleeping enough) at all because I have no time and my mind is constantly spinning.
  • My team sucks. It is like babysitting and my clients are complaining.
  • There is no way I can go on vacation because the business will fall apart if I’m not there.
  • I’ve invested a ton of money into my business and I am not seeing the return on investment.
  • I am stressed out, overwhelmed, confused and frustrated and I have no idea how to fix this.
If others tell you profit is the bottom line, they are saying it comes last. That’s wrong. Profit comes first, always. – Mike Michalowitz, Author of Profit First

A New Way to Do Business

After my “Profit Awakening”, I totally restructured my business and my life. I immersed myself even deeper in the study of what makes companies extraordinary, how profit REALLY works, to strategically design businesses that work with your natural talents and preferences, how to align business owners to create and keep more money, to have more free time and to do all this without losing your mind.

As a result of these years of study and implementation, Profit-ology was born.

Profitology is the study, art and innovative process of accelerating your personal and business path to freedom. Profitology is not just about making money, although that is definitely a big part of it. Amassing large quantities of money for sport isn’t the goal. Profitology is about strategically designing a business that provides you FREEDOM: Financial, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. It is about strategically designing your business in a way that it becomes a vehicle for you living your life from a place of choice.


  • Step 1: Clarity

    Before we strategically design your business venture, we need to take a step back and get clarity about your Vision, your Values, your Lifestyle Goals, your Personal Money goals and your Business Goals. We also need to understand what kind of Profit-Preneur™ you are so that we can maximize your unique strengths, gifts and talents are. You can take the Profit-Preneur Quiz Here.

  • Step 2: Situational Analysis

    If you are just starting a new business, great! (You get to skip this step). However, if you have been in business, we need to identify what isworking and what is not so you can create a strategic plan to transform your business.

  • Step 3: Profit Planning

    We have a saying at our company “Begin with the Profit in Mind”. Smart strategic planning should not ever go from where you are now to where you want to go. Profit-Preneurs reverse engineer outcomes. We start with what life experience they desire and then we strategically plan to create a business model and infrastructure to create that experience.

  • Step 4: Business Infrastructure

    We plan for success. That means we need to ensure you have a scalable business infrastructure to handle your expected growth. From the right team, to systemization of processes, to marketing automation, and more… our goal is to create an automated, scalable foundation that will organically grow your company.

  • Step 5: Marketability

    There are two ways to create profit – increase sales and decrease expenses. No one ever successfully decreased their expenses enough to make the kind of money they wanted. In other words, cost effective is not the same thing as being cheap. To ensure you become absolutely irresistible to your ideal clients, partners and other stakeholders, you need to develop a Linchin Positioning strategy, a powerful brand and a “Be Everywhere Effect” marketing campaign strategy.

  • Step 6: Marketing and Sales Automation

    Once you are clear on your message and have a powerful brand, it’s time to create a marketing and sales automation strategy. This allows you to use strategic planning and automation to reach more of your ideal clients, help them through the sales cycle (without you holding their hand) and pre-qualify ideal clients. By the time the client makes it to your calendar or to the negotiating table, most of the heavy lifting is done.

  • Step 7: Lead and Leverage Your Way to Profit Expansion

    At the end of the day, you are the soul of your company – no matter what the size. That means you first and foremost you need to develop and foster the Profit-ology mindset in yourself and your team. Then we will show you how to use “The Art of Strategic Shortcutting” to maximize productivity and profitability.