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Solutions to:

  • Design your business for profitability
  • Build a strong business foundation
  • Attract your ideal high profit clients

Are you ready for sustainable growth and profit? While our primary business is consulting for established small businesses, we know that you are not going to get to that level all by yourself. We get it, because we all started in the same place you are now. That is why we have a unique set of solutions tailored to the emerging solo-preneur including: Online training courses, mentoring programs and private consulting for those of you who want it done now.Each year we work with hundreds of solo-preneurs who are passionate about what they do and committed making the time and money investment necessary to create a profitable business.

Generally your typical challenges might be that you need consistent cash flow and a line out the door of ideal clients. However, you may not have put the marketing business and foundation in place to create that result.You may be feeling overwhelmed and a little bit stressed out. The biggest issue is that you are not exactly sure what to do to fix it and the thought of trying to figure it out by yourself is overwhelming. You know something has got to change.

You are in the right place if …

  • Your annual business revenues are currently less  than $500,000.
  • You work at home or in a small office and are a  service-based professional. (Doctor, Lawyer,  Accountant, Marketing Service Provider, Coach,  Consultant etc.)
  • You have a limited team (if any) primarily comprised  of contractors, but you know you need to grow it  strategically.
  • You are seeking clarity, strategy and someone to  tell you what to do and how to do it to create a  profitable business that is poised to expand without  your daily management.
  • You need to build a solid business foundation to grow upon and are looking for a strategy to do it  right in the shortest amount of time.
  • You may have had some success in getting clients,  but you need to put your marketing and sales on  autopilot to consistently attract the ideal clients, partners  and community stakeholders you need to level up.

How Profit-ology Consulting
Can Solve Your Challenges

You know that what got you “here” won’t get you “there”. And no matter how brilliant you are, it is nearly impossible to solve these issues from the inside of your business because you are too close to it.

You need the strategic advice of an expert to analyze your business, identify the profit leaks and strategically design a infrastructure and marketing ttautomation plan to achieve your goals. You need to shift your mindset from a business owner to a CEO to traverse to the next level. That means a dedication to systemizing and automating your business from your financial management to your service deliver to marketing and sales. You need to attract and retain a highly skilled team in place to take the brunt of the workload off your shoulders and you need to create new revenue streams that do not depend on you.

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Check out the following solutions for solo-preneurs:

Online Courses: We offer an entire library of affordable online courses that are filled with strategic plans, swipe files and trainings to help you grow your business. View Courses
The Profit Acceleration Academy: If you would like more structure and support than online courses, that is still more affordable than private consulting, check out our mentoring and training program. Our curriculum allows you to immerse yourself in the Profit-ology process with trained Profit-Ology Coaches to guide you along the way to profit. Learn More
Profit-ology Consulting: Kelly privately consults with clients to develop business and marketing strategies to help you work smart, not harder and rapidly accelerate your path to profit-preneurship. While this route does require a bigger investment, the return on investment is worth it. Learn More
Full Service Branding: Through our agency, Innovate Brand Agency, we offer full service brand strategy and design services for clients who want to become thought leaders in their industry. If you are interested in learning more about branding, please check out the Innovate Brand Agency web site. Learn More
Take Action: Let’s be honest …Your business is not going to fix itself. If you keep doing things the way you’ve done them, you’ll keep getting the same results you’ve been getting. The only thing standing between you and a profitable business is you. So if our solutions resonate with you, pick up the phone or fill out the form or sign up for a program. If not, find a solution somewhere else. Whatever you do, commit to take action that your tomorrow will thank you for. Get Started