Solutions for Well Funded Start Ups
& Established Small Businesses


Solutions to:

  • Strategically position yourself for market immersion.
  • Scale your infrastructure to maximize productivity and profitability.
  • Lead your team to success

You are already successful in business.You have a big vision for your business and your life, but the steps to uplevel are not clear. You are ready to have significantly more freedom and more profit in your business and you are ready to have your business grow without your need to micro-manage it.

Typical challenges of a business at this level are different than that of a solo-business. Even though your business is successful, the cracks are beginning to show. Whether it be team issues, infrastructure challenges or a disjointed brand and marketing strategy, the band-aid approach to business operations is creating stress and sucking up your piece of mind. Additionally, even though you have a team in place, you are still working in your business on a daily basis and you are out of time to do that and expand. If you don’t create the infrastructure and plan needed to uplevel, the growth you experience could cause a disastrous implosion in your business.

You are in the right place if …

  • Your annual business revenues currently exceed $500,000.
  • You are a service–based professional, private pay medical doctor or technology start up.
  • You need support with your go-to-market or market immersion strategy to become a leader in  your industry or community.
  • You need a plan for upleveled infrastructure, systemized operations and sales and marketing  automation planning.
  • You potentially are mis-positioned in your market place or your brand is not reflective of where you  want to take the business.
  • You need support in creating a strategy to attract and retain top talent in your industry.
  • You are ready to step fully into the role of CEO and leader of your company.

How Profit-ology Consulting
Can Solve Your Challenges

You know that what got you “here” won’t get you “there”. And no matter how brilliant you are, it is nearly impossible to solve these issues from the inside of your business because you are too close to it.

You need the strategic advice of an expert to analyze your business, identify the profit leaks and strategically design a infrastructure and marketing automation plan to achieve your goals. You need to shift your mindset from a business owner to a CEO to traverse to the next level. That means a dedication to systemizing and automating your business from your financial management to your service deliver to marketing and sales. You need to attract and retain a highly skilled team in place to take the brunt of the workload off your shoulders and you need to create new revenue streams that do not depend on you.

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Check out the following solutions

for Well Funded Start Ups and Emerging Companies

Profit-ology Consulting: Kelly privately consults with clients to develop business and marketing strategies to help you work smart, not harder and rapidly accelerate your path to profit-prenuership. While this route does require a bigger investment, the return on investment is worth it. Learn More
Outsourced CEO Services: Kelly and her team take 1-2 private clients a year that she provides outsourced CEO services to. Kelly will come into your company, analyze the current situation, create a plan to uplevel, execute the plan over an agreed upon amount of time and then replace herself by hiring a full time CEO. Learn More
Full Service Branding: Through our agency, Innovate Brand Agency, we offer full service brand strategy and design services for clients who want to become thought leaders in their industry. If you are interested in learning more about branding, please check out the Innovate Brand Agency web site. Learn More
Take Action: If you are successful, you likely are not the type to wait around and mull things over. So check out the services and schedule a call to see if we are a good fit. Schedule a Consultation