Transform the World - Your Way

You know it is time to get your message out there. You can feel it. And you know it’s important – not only so you can fulfill your life purpose and live an abundant life – but also so you can transform the lives of the millions of people in the process - as you were meant to.

But maybe you aren’t quite sure how. And frankly, it can be frightening for us to step out into the spotlight in such a big way. The cruddy committee (aka EGO) starts telling you things like “You’re not ready for this…Who do you think you are to call yourself a leader?...What if they think you’re a fraud?... What if you are so successful you lose yourself?”

So instead – and let’s be honest here - you have been playing it safe and kind of hiding in the shadows and hoping no one noticed.

Well, I noticed.

I’m Kelly O’Neil, founder of the Women’s Leadership Academy, and I’m committed to teaching aspiring female leaders how to align their energy, embrace the transformational leader inside of them, develop a powerful brand platform and build a prosperous conscious business that serves the world and themselves.

Not only are hiding your gifts (gifts that people in this world desperately need), but I bet your business is not doing as well as it could as a result.

Does this sound familiar?

The Women’s Leadership Academy is unlike any program available today. It’s the first leadership coaching and training program designed exclusively for spiritually-centered, entrepreneurial women who have a big mission in this world - conscious entrepreneurs who know that they are meant to be a part of transforming the world in a powerful, authentic way.

It’s time to drop the ego, remember why we really are all here on earth, fire the cruddy committee and join a group of extraordinary women who desire to share their message, live an abundant lifestyle AND leave the world a better place.

Let’s Go!



At my recent Women's Leadership Conference, I shared with my attendees that one of the biggest things I pay my mentors for is to learn what not to do. I want to know their biggest mistakes and their biggest lessons. Why? So I can avoid them. Makes sense, right? In business and in the journey of leadership, we are all going to make mistakes. That is how we learn. And I can tell you from personal experience some are more financially painful (over the years, I've had some doozies!) and some are more emotionally painful than others. So one of the...

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Love is definitely in the air…(and not just for couples.)

Everyone knows that love is a beautiful thing. We love to give it and we love to receive it. (In fact yesterday my honey pleasantly surprised me with a love letter and dozen long stem roses….awwwww! He’s a keeper.) But how often do we actually take the time to give it to ourselves? Take yesterday for example. ...

Did you hear about my extreme self-care journey (and Big News!)

How are you? I want to share an exclusive sneak peak with you about something super exciting coming up very soon. But first, let's talk about something that keeps showing up not just in my life, but also in the lives of a lot of my coaching clients and other leaders I've been talking with: Self-Care. Guilt free... Top...

Lost Generation? Or New Generation of Leaders?

Over 50% of the world's population is under 30 years old. Today's generation is faced with new challenges, new issues and new opportunities. As leaders, it's our responsibility to make a shift. This up and coming generation is a huge part of that shift. Watch the inspiring video below that Michael Drew presented at the 2013 Women's...

The Connection Between Yoga and Leadership

During an evening bonus session of the Women’s Leadership Conference, Kelly O’Neil had her personal yoga instructor share lessons from yoga and how they tie into being the best leader you can be. Watch the video below for a quick preview of what she said... Some of the lessons taught were: Breathe because every time you can come back to your...