At my recent Women’s Leadership Conference, I shared with my attendees that one of the biggest things I pay my mentors for is to learn what not to do. I want to know their biggest mistakes and their biggest lessons. Why? So I can avoid them. Makes sense, right?

In business and in the journey of leadership, we are all going to make mistakes. That is how we learn. And I can tell you from personal experience some are more financially painful (over the years, I’ve had some doozies!) and some are more emotionally painful than others.

So one of the questions I asked each of my friends for our upcoming Extraordinary Women Leading From the Telesummit is, what their biggest leadership lessons and mistakes were.

While there are too many to list here, which is why we have two full weeks dedicated to teaching you, here are a few of the highlights. Enjoy!

Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. – Mary Tyler Moore

Rising to the top is simple…but it isn’t always pretty and it isn’t always easy. I can tell you from personal experience that I don’t just sit around meditating and reading all day and watch the millions roll in while Oprah is banging down my door to speak to me and help me spread my message. Running a successful business and leading a movement is a lot of work. Over the years, I have absolutely made my fair share of costly (in the millions) and painful (I’ve shed a bucket or two of tears) mistakes as I have built my business and become known as a thought leader. I am not alone and neither are you.

While booking my upcoming telesummit Extraordinary Women Leading From the Telesummit I spoke to a group of my favorite leading ladies candidly about the behind the scenes of the rise to the top. Lots of us learned the same lessons. I hope by me sharing these, you can use them to your advantage. After all, the world needs your genius now.

Lesson #1 Comparing Yourself To Others Is a Bad Idea

One of the things I have learned in yoga is to keep my eyes on my own mat. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. Everyone’s bodies are different and everyone is in a different place in their journey. Iyanla Vanzant says that “Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self.” And I couldn’t agree more. Everyone is born with a unique set of talents and gifts. You are in the perfect place in your journey right now. Keep your eyes on your own mat.

Lesson #2 Trying to Be Someone Else Never Works Out

Sometimes when we are trying to find our own way, we take the concept of modeling others a bit too far. We try to become our parent, our mentor or simply the person we think that the world wants us to be. Modeling success paradigms and strategies is smart. Trying to become someone else never works out. Each of the ladies I spoke with said that the minute they just relaxed and let their own soul shine is the minute that the world opened up to them. Do YOU…fully, unabashedly and most of all unapologetically.

Lesson #3 Personal Development is The Root of All Success

The biggest tip that all my friends said that was the biggest catalyst to their success is their commitment to their own personal development. They consistently invest time, money and energy into themselves and their own learning. They work with mentors and they aren’t afraid to ask for help. In fact, they pay big money to have people help them along the way. Only you can take this journey, but you can’t do it alone.

Lesson #4 Listen to Your Intuition (Not Your Ego)

We are all born with a fantastic internal guidance system. The problem is that when you aren’t connected to your spiritual self, you can’t hear it or feel it. And if you are more aligned with your ego (fear, doubt, worry) than you are with your spirit, you will never hear it because that is the ego’s job – to keep you safe (AKA stuck). These ladies learned – often the hard way – that the key to success is to override your ego and go forth in faith. Always do a gut check.

Lesson #5 Don’t Waste Your Energy Focused On Negativity

The more you stand in your light, the more others will try to pull you into their darkness. It is the unfortunate way of the human condition. Even Mother Theresa and Oprah have haters. Don’t expend your precious energy attempting to win over the haters or sharing your unique gifts and talents with people really do not want to be helped. You are a precious being with a tremendous gift, not the jackass whisperer. Let them have their journey. It’s not about you anyway.

We hope you enjoyed these lessons and we would love to hear your thoughts! Pop on over to my facebook page or leave a comment on my blog. What are your biggest lessons?

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Lost Generation? Or New Generation of Leaders?

Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old. Today’s generation is faced with new challenges, new issues and new opportunities.

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to make a shift. This up and coming generation is a huge part of that shift.

Watch the inspiring video below that Michael Drew presented at the 2013 Women’s Leadership Conference:

As Hilary Clinton said, “We all need to be part of the discussion, if we’re going to be part of the solution.” Whether you like her or not, she’s right.

Take part in the discussion and share your thoughts below on where you think our future is headed and how you can take part in the solution.

Hello Ego…my old friend


The ego is a big deal. It not only thinks it’s a big deal, but it also really is a big deal. The ego is a protective shield that keeps the outside out and you safe – or so it would like you to think. Many women fall victim to the ego – and it’s not always a bad thing. Of course you should be proud of your accomplishments, but you cannot let them run your life.

The ego works in many ways. Women are often bruised by the actions of others – ego to the rescue. The ego chooses to be offended at the outsider instead of addressing the real issue, something most likely provoked by whatever offensive action happened to cross your path.

As an example, a few years ago, I had asked my video producer if we could start streaming video live from my conferences. He said the technology was wonky and we weren’t ready to do it. I let it go.

Then I saw my friend and mentor David doing a live event streamed. I had the weirdest reaction. First, I thought…”COOL!” Then immediately, I noticed I was disappointed and then even irritated. I resorted to the child inside that was saying, “Crap! I wanted to be first! It was my idea.” I wanted to take my toys and go home.


When I recognized this, I immediately felt ridiculous and ashamed of myself that I was even feeling this way. It was like a little tennis match – my ego said “CRAP!” and my spirit said “YAY! I love David. I love what he is up to in the world and I love his message. He is a brilliant teacher. The world is abundant and the more of us out there spreading inspiration and hope and supporting entrepreneurs…THE BETTER!”

So why was I feeling this way? I realized that this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Back in 2003 when I wrote the book Visionary Women Inspiring the World: 12 Paths to Personal Power, I had announced that I was writing a book called The Conscious Entrepreneur. I had taken the book proposal to several publishers who all denied it saying that there wasn’t a market for it. Then several years later, my friend Christine who contributed to my Visionary Women Book published a book by the same tittle. I was…shall we say…less than thrilled at the time.

And then it hit me. The disappointment isn’t with them – it was with me. Both times, I experienced resistance to something that was important to me and I gave up. AHA! That was the lesson.

There are so many important lessons to be learned – and my goal is to share them with you. And it doesn’t matter if I am first or 41st. We need as many people as possible out there spreading this message and it doesn’t matter if it is me or Christine or David or whoever…what matters is that we all align to our purpose and share our own unique message in a powerful way. There is more than enough business out there for everyone and everyone has a unique way of sharing information. Their own unique voice. Abundance. Collaboration.

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