Love is definitely in the air…(and not just for couples.)

Everyone knows that love is a beautiful thing. We love to give it and we love to receive it. (In fact yesterday my honey pleasantly surprised me with a love letter and dozen long stem roses….awwwww! He’s a keeper.) But how often do we actually take the time to give it to ourselves? Take yesterday for example. domain webhosting . We usually think of Valentine’s Day as the day for romance with our significant other. But how often do we think of loving ourselves?

Remember in my email the other day when I said that I’ve made self-care part of my job description? Well, part of self-care is practicing love and kindness toward not just others – but towards ourselves.

Love is a frequency, a vibration, it’s WHO we are. It takes conscious choice to generate love within ourselves, so part of practicing self-care is to practice getting into the frequency of love every day! And we’ve all heard that the best way to get into the spirit of love is to practice an attitude of gratitude, right?

So yesterday I made a list of things I love in my life right now…

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  • myself (not from a place of ego – but really, truly being in love with me)
  • my honey
  • my puppies
  • my friends
  • my community (yes, that means YOU! My clients, my followers and fans who honor my work in the world)
  • my AMAZING healer Shanti Pincock, Ph.D
  • my fantastic team
  • all the extraordinary women leaders in the world
  • really – all the positive, loving people who lift me up into my light
  • yoga (especially candlelight yoga)
  • my new patio that I designed as a sanctuary for me to connect
  • juicing
  • crockpot cooking
  • massages
  • good health
  • being organized

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There is only one you…Be Extraordinary ™,

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Did you hear about my extreme self-care journey (and Big News!)

How are you? I want to share an exclusive sneak peak with you about something super exciting coming up very soon. But first, let’s talk about something that keeps showing up not just in my life, but also in the lives of a lot of my coaching clients and other leaders I’ve been talking with:


Guilt free… Top Priority… Unabashed Self-Care.

As you know, the Women’s Leadership Conference was a little over a week ago. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you saw my “Extreme Self-Care” journey leading up the conference. It’s something I’ve been focusing on more in my life in general.

In fact it – was a very HOT topic on our Women’s Leadership Academy call this week too. So I know that I’m not the only one out there who finds it a priority to focus on taking great care of myself.

What I’m hearing from a lot of women leaders is that we have a tendency to focus so much on helping others (kids, family, spouses, friends, team, the dog, the mailman – really anyone) that we tend to neglect the most important person in our lives: Ourselves. We put off exercising, eating well, meditating, sleeping, taking time off – and, yes, even taking a shower every day. (You know you’ve done the PJ day too!)

The ironic thing is that in order to be a better, stronger leader, taking care of YOU is absolutely VITAL. I have even made self-care part of my job description. So, with Valentines Day coming up tomorrow, I encourage you to make a date with yourself. Go to a yoga class. Get a spa service. Put meditating on your calendar just as you would a client appointment. Take a nap – no one is going to perish while you snooze peacefully for an hour. Start making these things a priority in your life, and then join the Extreme Self Care conversation over on our Facebook page and share how you practice self-care.

Now on to your exclusive sneak peak. Watch the video below where I tell you all about it…

We are super excited about it so stay tuned! Hint Hint: It is a – BIG… GIANT…. COLLABORATION – with extraordinary and successful women leaders who are committed to changing the planet…think celebrities, best-selling authors, television personalities. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

There is only one you…Be Extraordinary ™,

I meditate, I do yoga, I journal…and I still want to smack someone sometimes!

Is that wrong?

Don’t get me wrong…I am a very spiritual person. In fact my spirituality is my highest value. But I am also a spiritual being having a HUMAN experience and sometimes I loose my cool. You are correct…I..Am…Not…Perfect. At All. Somewhere I adopted a belief that I am “supposed” to be Zen all the time and be the kind of person that only post motivational quotes on Facebook and never shares the true human life experience.

So under the advice of my coach, I started to do yoga. At first I hated it – it was way too still for me. My mind would go a million miles a minute and I wanted to quit. But then my spiritual teacher said…That is exactly why you need to do it. (Several years later, it is at the core of my spiritual practice. In fact, if I don’t do yoga several times a week, I REALLY want to smack the sh*t out of someone.)

Then I started receiving messages that I really need to start meditating.

If I thought Yoga was slow…..good grief….at least in Yoga you get to move around. It felt like torture and I definitely wanted to quit. But then my spiritual teacher said…That is exactly why you need to do it.


Finally, I started journaling in the morning. I love to write, but when it came to writing “without a purpose” I found it challenging and then frustrating. I wanted to abandon that practice too. But then, guess what? My spiritual teacher said…That is exactly why you need to do it.

Dammit. I know she is right. (Now I know how my clients feel.)

Sometimes this whole business of finding inner peace and aligning with spirit makes me want to pull my hair out. My ego tried to convince me that I maybe am not “spiritual” enough and that I “should” be walking around in a white flowing dress all peaced out, chanting and feeling total love even for all people. Even the jackhole who puts his suitcase in the front bins and then walks to the back of the plane so I have to put my suitcase further back and go against traffic to get my bag. (You know who you are.)

It is not to say that I don’t enjoy that moment after yoga when you feel centered and at rest or spending a weekend on a retreat with no interruptions just listening to the waves crash on the beach. Or that I don’t think it is a good thing to be loving and kind and compassionate and grateful…because I do.

But honestly, occasionally I am simply not that Zen. I can be downright snarky and quick witted (lots of people even appreciate my sense of humor.) Sometimes my mouth sounds less like a public speaker and more like a truck driver…okay, most of the time. Sometimes I get pissed off for no apparent reason (although it rarely seems that way at the time). I would be the last person on the face of the earth to claim that I am perfect. But does that mean I am not spiritual? The answer of course is no. It means I am human and these life experiences are my practice.

I had so many people in my life tell me not to allow my personality shine through *ESPECIALLY* in business that I forgot who I really was for a long time and I lost my voice. Even now I write standing in my place of truth, I do have this little left over programming saying…”Maybe they won’t like you.” Of course it sounds kind of sing songy in my head like someone is wagging a finger at me.

Here is the bottom line. I am so over listening to that little voice. Like Dr. Suess said, “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

I got a yummy taste of this recently.

Before I created the Women’s Leadership Academy, a few years back, I was finishing off my last session of a mastermind group for my Millionaire Prodigy Club coaching program, and I have to tell you it was a blast! Not only did our clients get stellar results, but we had so much fun and we laughed so hard. We hugged, we cried and we joked around all while getting a ton of work done.

And what I realized is that my clients love me. For me. In all my brilliance AND imperfections. Spiritual, yet still snarky. Sassy. Candid. Blunt.

And I feel the same way about each of them for exactly who they are. There was a moment when I had this epiphany that I had found my peeps. We are like family in some ways and when it came time to announce the next Mastermind – every single one of them signed up.

Lesson learned – BE YOURSELF. Let YOUR voice shine.

And yes, I am still going to keep doing yoga, meditating and journaling – especially since I still feel compelled to smack the guy with the suitcase. That is exactly why I need to do it.

It can take years before you realize that you must let yourself be who you are in order to succeed as a leader – you cannot split into two distinct versions. Letting yourself just BE is an important lesson to learn. This lesson is just one of the many I am offering, free, to those that sign up below for the four-part eMasterClass, Leading from the Soul: 9 Principles to Master Yourself and your Authentic Message to Inspire and Profoundly Impact the World.

Kick-start your entrepreneurial spirit today by being your true self!