Love is definitely in the air…(and not just for couples.)

Everyone knows that love is a beautiful thing. We love to give it and we love to receive it. (In fact yesterday my honey pleasantly surprised me with a love letter and dozen long stem roses….awwwww! He’s a keeper.) But how often do we actually take the time to give it to ourselves? Take yesterday for example. domain webhosting . We usually think of Valentine’s Day as the day for romance with our significant other. But how often do we think of loving ourselves?

Remember in my email the other day when I said that I’ve made self-care part of my job description? Well, part of self-care is practicing love and kindness toward not just others – but towards ourselves.

Love is a frequency, a vibration, it’s WHO we are. It takes conscious choice to generate love within ourselves, so part of practicing self-care is to practice getting into the frequency of love every day! And we’ve all heard that the best way to get into the spirit of love is to practice an attitude of gratitude, right?

So yesterday I made a list of things I love in my life right now…

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  • myself (not from a place of ego – but really, truly being in love with me)
  • my honey
  • my puppies
  • my friends
  • my community (yes, that means YOU! My clients, my followers and fans who honor my work in the world)
  • my AMAZING healer Shanti Pincock, Ph.D
  • my fantastic team
  • all the extraordinary women leaders in the world
  • really – all the positive, loving people who lift me up into my light
  • yoga (especially candlelight yoga)
  • my new patio that I designed as a sanctuary for me to connect
  • juicing
  • crockpot cooking
  • massages
  • good health
  • being organized

After you check it out, I want to hear from you! Share your list of things you love and/or are grateful for on our Facebook page here or on our blog…

There is only one you…Be Extraordinary ™,

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