Impact the world in a profound way … Live a Spiritually Rich ™ life.

Our business and our purpose is a unique expression of who we REALLY are.

In designing the Women’s Leadership Academy, award-winning brand and marketing strategist, best-selling author and internationally recognized leadership coach, Kelly O’Neil pulled from her impressive corporate history, working in leading marketing agencies, emerging technology companies and Fortune 500 companies, where she developed a widespread expertise in advanced business and marketing strategy and leadership development.

Kelly’s purpose is to inspire women to find their true voice and share it unabashedly with the world.  She was called to create the Women’s Leadership Academy out of the need to develop spiritually centered women leaders who have a deep desire to leave the world a better place.

It is the mission of the Women’s Leadership Academy to create a collaborative environment that unites more than one million women to step up and lead movements that change the world and allow them to fulfill their life purpose.

Are you looking for a structured environment where it’s safe for you to evolve and serve the world? Then you’re in the right place!