What I learned from myself as a leader working with Kelly, is that I need a lot of help in the leadership department. I definitely have leadership qualities – I always have… however, I have a lot of patterns that have stood in my way of being an effective leader. And so Kelly has really helped to identify what those patterns are and how to really step into a leadership role, which six months ago I was not in that role.
~Tricia Greaves

Kelly taught me as a leader that it’s ok to be vulnerable. I went through a lot of personal growth here. There was a lot of personal growth that needs to happen for me to grow my business.
~Jean Marie McCormack

From Kelly, I learned that I can step into my own space and be the leader that I need to be in order to have a successful business.
~Terri Romine

Quite simply, the fact that I AM a leader – I never really thought of myself that way – and that’s been a transformation that’s been brewing inside of me without my ever realizing it, and for her [Kelly] to point that out to me has been a huge a-ha moment.
~Tina Steinberg

If I can think of something that I want to accomplish, the only thing that’s ever gonna get in my way is myself.
~Terry Monaghan

I’ve had my world rocked by Kelly. I’ve been brought to tears by the profound things shared by the group. And I’ve been pushed like never before to step up and play a bigger game. And that’s all within the first month of being in the Women’s Leadership Academy! Already, my perspective on my business has changed immensely. I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of this terrific group of aspiring leaders, and I’m SO excited about the journey in the year ahead.
~Rachel Karl, Social Media Coach and Consultant