for Exceptional Business Leaders

Our events are strategically designed

to immerse you in collaborative environments where you will experience strategic business training, high profit networking opportunities and consulting to create

Epic Event

Clientele of The Collective receive private strategy consulting with Kelly to develop and execute a customized strategy to elevate from expert to thought leadership and scale their businesses to the income level they desire, while obtaining more freedom in the process.

At EPIC you will find a think tank of some of the most accomplished, brilliant women entrepreneurs in various industries around the world who desire to disrupt their markets and re-write the rules of their industries and their organizations. EPIC requires an application process and an interview and is most suited to women whose business revenue is on track to exceed $1million annually and are ready to build or expand their brand platform.

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The UpLevel Event is for women entrepreneurs who are ready to stop the mass marketing craziness and focus on building a highly qualified referral business targeting affluent clientele to scale their businesses from 6 to 7 figures.

Attendees of UpLevel will be provided with training on the most innovative strategies to develop high profit relationships, gain access to cutting edge resources and support and bypass the gatekeepers to connect directly with high net profit clientele. Additionally, guests at the event will experience ample time to collaborate and network with each other providing the opportunity to UpLevel their business in real time.


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uplevel boardroom

The most affordable way to consult with Kelly, The UpLevel Boardroom is an exclusive live strategic consulting opportunity where Kelly works with an intimate group (no more than 12) entrepreneurs at her private country club in Las Vegas to create a custom strategy to rapidly accelerate your results.

During the event, each attendee receives direct, laser consulting for approximately 45 minutes from Kelly. Our attendees consistently remark that being able to be a “fly on the wall” to each individuals consulting is highly valuable to identifying the shifts they need to make in their own business. Due to Kelly’s demanding schedule, Boardroom events are only offered a few times a year.