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Now is the time for women entrepreneurs to change the status quo, disrupt archaic markets and business models and re-write the rules in our industries… on our terms. It’s time for those of us who are natural born leaders to elevate beyond “experts” and step up as thought leaders in our industries and we aren’t going to succeed using the marketing strategies the bro marketers profess as the holy grail of conversions.

It’s time to change the conversation. It’s time to get Epic.

Each week join Kelly for insightful and raw interviews with the most brilliant business minds, celebrities and fellow maverick entrepreneurs who are disrupting the status quo, changing the conversation in their industry and rising to thought leader status in the process.

If you are looking for an elevated conversation about raising the bar in business, you are in the right place. And… if you are a maverick in your industry, apply to be a guest!


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The Billion Dollar Sales Woman with Kelly Fidel

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Don’t Waste The Epic

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Permission Granted: Epic Leaders Require Epic Support

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For those of you who don’t know Kelly O’Neil, you are in for a real treat. You can read her official bio here, but here is a more candid introduction.

Kelly is a fast-talking, tell-it-like-it-is, NO BS entrepreneurial badass who is not afraid to “go-there” – wherever there is in the conversation.

Here is what you need to know about Kelly…

If you bumped into Kelly at a local dog park, hot vinyassa yoga class, or farmers market, you’d encounter a woman in yoga clothes or jean cut offs. She’d probably be sporting a ponytail and her favorite pair of flip-flops, sipping on a Starbucks and making someone laugh with her witty humor. If you bumped into her at a business event, on the other hand, you’d encounter a woman in a chic outfit, a Chanel bag maybe some Louboutins … making someone laugh with her witty humor.

No matter where you go, Kelly has that type of energy that makes people stop in their tracks and pay attention.

When you meet Kelly, you might be surprised (and amused) by her down-to-earth, everyone-puts-their-yoga-pants-on-one-leg-at-a-time manner. But what you may not immediately know because she is so approachable is that she is one accolade short of putting on a cape and being called Super Woman.

Kelly is one of the most sought-after international brand positioning and platform development strategists for organizations, celebrities, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. She is also the foremost expert on marketing to affluent clients for service businesses.

She’s won more awards for excellence than can be listed here, given over 1000 media interviews, is a contributing author to Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, has shared the stage with the world’s most elite speakers, been successfully running her various businesses for the last 22 years… and she even co-hosted a television show with HGTVs Kelli Ellis. However, one of her favorite accomplishments is as a philanthropist, who in collaboration with The Unstoppable Foundation built an entire sustainable village in Africa for their “Every Child Has A Right To Learn Campaign.”

Despite her many accomplishments though, her fans from around the world will attest that Kelly is as authentic as they come. Whether she’s on stage, working with her clients privately, or hanging out with her besties on the weekend, what you see is what you get … like it or not. Now, no one is saying she’s Super Woman (even though we pretty much already did), but no one has ever seen her and Super Woman in the same room together.

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