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Kelly O’Neil knows what it takes to transform experts into thought leaders with movements that matter and high profit businesses that scale in their wake.

And she also knows that most entrepreneurs are working way too hard to achieve the results you desire. She believes that business owners should work strategically, not hustling and grinding their way to burn out. If you are tired of not getting the results you know you can or just feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused and stressed out and you want someone who knows how to solve complex business problems and make the crazy go away… then you have landed on the right page, with the right consultant.

Kelly has advised technology startups, professional services firms, medical and dental practices, entrepreneurial small businesses and other service professionals across multiple industries. She has helped her clients reposition themselves as market and thought leaders, launch innovative brands with industry shattering intellectual property, generate lucrative licensing deals, maximize media exposure to build brand awareness, build high-performance teams, automate infrastructure to scale with ease, increase business revenues and profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars into the millions… and get their life back in the process.

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Kelly’s clients choose to engage her, not only because of her cut-to-the-chase, results-oriented approach, but also as a result of the expansive business experience, accolades, and results that she consistently generates with her clients using her proprietary Profit-ology® Process.

Kelly’s method is so innovative that mega marketing genius Seth Godin awarded her the coveted “Purple Cow Award” for being one of the most innovative companies in America.

If you’re making or on track for revenues in the 6-7-8 figure range, and you are interested in working with Kelly—individually or as part of a small, elite group—review her services below and book a complimentary consultation to see if she is the solution you’ve been looking for.


Dr. Renee Young, MD

“Hiring Kelly was hands down the best business decision I’ve ever made. My revenue is up 70%, my profit is climbing and the headaches of running my practice are gone. They just handle everything. Now I’m back to doing what I love and focused on my patients. Plus, I have more time off than I’ve had in years. It is worth every penny.”

Chris Smith The Campfire Effect

“Within minutes of our meeting, Kelly gave me a laser focused strategy that brought in $100,000 in the first 60 days with no additional investment in marketing and it decreased my workload. Using this strategy, I’m now on track to have my most profitable year ever. I’ve now hired her for ongoing consulting and branding work. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my business.”

Seth Green Market Domination

“Kelly O’Neil is simply amazing. She identified and solved a employee problem we’ve been having for several years in one phone call! Hire this woman yesterday!”

Lisa and Lucho Crisalle Exercise and Nutrition Works

“If we’d implemented the Profit-ology Process 10 years ago, we would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and had millions more in the bank.”

Strategic consulting services

If you would like to learn more about our services below, please inquire and a member of Kelly’s team will be in touch to schedule time to see if this is the right fit for your business.



When you are ready to elevate your business to multiple 7 or 8 figures, it may be time to consider hiring a Fractional Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

Kelly provides advisory services in this executive level role with select entrepreneurs for a 12-month engagement to create the foundation for rapid market growth and to scale the organization strategically while allowing the CEO to focus on their genius and gain more freedom in their business.


Kelly is known as the consultant to top consultants. She is regularly (and privately) engaged by other well-known business and marketing consultants to help scale their brands and businesses.



Private Consulting

Even as experts themselves, they know they need someone who can analyze all the pieces of the puzzle and quickly identify the best strategy to uplevel their business quickly and efficiently.

Kelly works with service-based business clientele all over the world and in various stages of growth to develop a customized strategy to launch a new brand or reposition themselves at the top of their industry, develop marketing strategies to attract affluent clientele, scale or revamp their business model to increase profit, map the next level of growth both in go-to-market strategy and infrastructure, or solve a particular challenge that has been hindering growth.

At the end of the engagement, you will have a highly customized strategic roadmap to your next pinnacle.



for women thought leaders

The Collective™ is an exclusive group of hand-selected, driven women business owners who are committed to changing the conversation in their industry and becoming known as thought leaders.

Each year, Kelly selects an elite group of accomplished women entrepreneurs to mentor who are ready to elevate beyond expertise to thought leader status and come together as a cohort to collectively elevate their brands and their businesses. Women accepted into The Collective are generating or on track for $1M+ per year and are seeking to take their industry by storm — creating a ripple effect of income and impact.

In addition to in person quarterly boardrooms, Collective clientele also receive private advisory services from Kelly to curate their strategic positioning, thought leadership brand and platform strategies, brand awareness campaigns and high growth business strategies to elevate to the top of their respective industries.

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The most affordable way to consult with Kelly, The UpLevel Boardroom is an exclusive live strategic consulting opportunity where Kelly works with an intimate group of entrepreneurs to create a custom strategy to rapidly accelerate your results.



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During the event, each attendee receives direct, laser consulting for approximately 45 minutes from Kelly. Our attendees consistently remark that being able to be a “fly on the wall” to each individuals consulting is highly valuable to identifying the shifts they need to make in their own business.

Due to Kelly’s demanding schedule, Boardroom events are only offered a few times a year.

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