The Rise of The Alpha Female in Entrepreneurship
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The Rise of The Alpha Female in Entrepreneurship

Once I was at a networking event with a group of very successful and influential men (who I respect, and they respect me) and one of them made reference to me being an Alpha Female.

I have to be honest – I wasn’t sure (based on cultural conditioning) if that was a compliment or a dig. I’ve often been called intimidating, until people get to know me and realize I am actually very down to earth, empathic, loyal AF and would go to the ends of the earth to passionately support my fellow women entrepreneurs on the rise. After really pondering it (and admittedly, I googled it), I’ve come to the conclusion it is an HONOR to be thought of as an alpha female.

Alpha females are strong, assertive and self-assured women who are incredible leaders, with alpha traits (see below) that are inherently a part of who she is and come across in everything she does. And you are going to see this in every aspect of their lives – personal and business – because at her core, it’s in her DNA.

Alpha Female Characteristics

There are definite traits that women exhibit that land them into the distinguished category of alpha females. Maybe you will recognize some of these traits in yourself. Maybe you will recognize them in another woman in your life who has your back, as alphas often do:

  • Self-confident: Generally speaking, alpha females know themselves well and are extremely confident in themselves. This is not to be confused with arrogance. What this means is that they honor themselves, their genius and their abilities and know that they will achieve whatever they set their mind to. They have an energy or presence of self-assuredness that’s unmistakable the moment they walk in a room.
  • Extremely Inspirational: Strong and confident women inspire women around them. They are not afraid to be vulnerable, transparent and “go there” in everything they do. They are natural born leaders and they use those skills to encourage other women to be their best. You know the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats.” They are the tide.
  • Ambitious and Driven: Alpha women are naturally ambitious, driven and purposeful. They strive to excel and are on a constant path to improve in all areas of their life – whether it be business, relationships, health, sports, parenting. You name it and they are looking to excel.
  • Natural Born Leaders: Alphas are natural born leaders and you can see this from an early age. They also tend to naturally rise into leadership roles because the instinctively know that it is needed.
  • Questioning The Status Quo: Alpha women are mavericks. They have strong convictions and are value driven. They are not afraid to step outside the box, question the status quo, break the rules and seek ways to innovate and improve… well, anything. They are also not afraid to call BS on perceived (and conditioned) limitations to carve a better path for the future – not only for themselves, but for the generations to come.
  • Well-respected: While some who struggle with confidence issues can find alpha women “intimidating”, they are still highly respected by those around them. The way they operate in the world, and the confidence, conviction and vision they radiate, gives other women the courage to step into their own personal power. And balanced alphas truly WANT everyone to win and rise together which leads to other people respecting them deeply for their devotion to everything they do and believe in.

Not surprisingly (and as indicated on my social media research), alpha females consider themselves alpha females and own it one-hundred percent. They realize the dire need for powerful and thoughtful women to bring their natural leadership skills to the table in the world today and they are organizing other women around them to do the same. Unapologetically.

Do you consider yourself an alpha female? Or you want to be in the energy of alpha females? If so, there is a room you might want to be in this fall where we are gathering to re-write the rules of entrepreneurship. Check it out here and apply to attend.


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